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Research Study on the Social Enterprise sector in Hong Kong

Commissioned by the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee (SEAC) in 2013, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service – HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre conducted a research on the current landscape and development of social enterprises in Hong Kong. The Report of "The Research Study on the Social Enterprise Sector in Hong Kong - to Capture the Existing Landscape of the Social Enterprises in Hong Kong" is released on 3 November 2014.


Full Research Report  

Full Research Report - english version


English version

Chinese version

Simplified Chinese version


Executive Summary (Eng)

Executive Summary (Chi)

Executive Summary (Sim Chi)

Publicity Leaflet  
 publicity leaflet


version 1.1

version 1.0 spreadout view

version 1.0 single page view


Research Findings at a Glance

part one

part two