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Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN)


The first of its kind in Hong Kong, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Programme (EPIN) is a pioneering Minor Programme founded in 2017 to promote an entrepreneurial culture and mindset for all in the University. The design of the EPIN curriculum employs an interdisciplinary approach and is open to all undergraduate students from different faculties.

EPIN aims at cultivating entrepreneurship among students with events that enrich their understanding of entrepreneurship and challenge their creativity and perseverance. The curriculum of EPIN mimics the process of creating a new venture and goes through the “ideation”, “realisation” and “commercialisation” stages and helps the students to develop the relevant mindset (including social responsibilities and proper conduct in research and development) and skill sets (such as problem solving, project management and business planning). To enhance the effectiveness, the curriculum of EPIN also complemented by appropriate internship programmes and startup services.


Study Scheme

Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of courses (including the required course). For the elective courses, they are free to choose courses from 3 key areas:

Mindset & Values • 3 - 6 units
• e.g. Anatomy of an Entrepreneur
Knowledge & Skills • 6 - 12 units
• e.g. IP Law for Entrepreneurs
Practices • 3 - 6 units
• e.g. Bootcamp, Practicum etc.


Course List

Course List
Course Code Course Title Unit(s)
I. Required Course
EPIN2010 Toolkit for Entrepreneurs 3
II. Elective Courses
Mindset and Value Courses
EPIN1010 Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 3
EPIN1020 Design Thinking and Practice 3
EPIN1030 The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation 3
Knowledge and Skills Courses
AIST1110 Introduction to Computing using Python 3
COMM2710 Fundamental in Visual Media 3
COMM2922 Introduction to Creative and New Media 3
COMM2926 Creative Design and Layout 3
CSCI1110 Introduction to Computing Using C 3
CSCI1120 Introduction to Computing Using C++ 3
CSCI1130 Introduction to Computing Using Java 3
CSCI1510 Computer Principles and C Programming 3
CSCI1520 Computer Principles and C++ Programming 3
CSCI1530 Computer Principles and Java Programming 3
CSCI1540 Fundamental Computing with C++ 3
CSCI2040 Introduction to Python 2
CSCI3310 Mobile Computing and Applications Development 3
EPIN3010 Business Models of Startups 3
EPIN4010 Special Topic in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3
IERG3830 Product Design and Development 3
LAWS2331 Intellectual Property Law for Entrepreneurs 3
LAWS2XXX New Venture Legal Consulting 3
MAEG2910 Prototypes to Products 3
MGNT4090 Technology and Innovation Management 3
MGNT4130 Management Consulting and Change Management 3
MGNT4570 Global Entrepreneurship 3
SEEM1000 Engineering Startups 3
SOWK2203 Mission-driven Social Enterprise 3
Practices Courses
EPIN2900 Internship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation I 1
EPIN3020 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 1
EPIN3021 Innovation Bootcamp - Inclusive and affordable medicine 1
EPIN3022 Innovation Bootcamp - Pivot to Succeed 1
EPIN3030 EPIN Experiential Learning 1
EPIN3040 Entrepreneurship Practicum 2
EPIN3900 Internship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation II 2
EPIN4000 EPIN Project 3
EPIN4900 Internship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation III 3



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