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Design Entrepreneurship

To identify a path for career development of Hong Kong based design entrepreneurs, we have adopted a case study research methodology to investigate real-life cases to build theory. After conducting the background search, we selected dozens of design entrepreneurs for interviews between August 2009 and September 2010. The selection criteria were:

  1. local/foreign;
  2. types in the framework;
  3. design field;
  4. years of experience/ different generations;
  5. different scale of achievement and
  6. administrative timing.

After creating the first two cases, we developed a preliminary case research framework. A protocol of research checklist and artifact collection list was established. Another six cases were written following this protocol. After analysis and case write- up, we conducted validation workshops for designers and business people. We then produced the teaching notes by integrating the first teaching experience of each case with participants’ feedback, focusing on the challenges they were facing. Then, we conducted further analysis of consistencies identified across the cases to propose a taxonomy of seven main types of design entrepreneurship. Studying multiple cases made it possible to build a logical chain of evidence (Yin 1994). The strategy of knitting research, course development, and teaching together to build better theory provided an iterative process to better our understanding of the career roadmap of Hong Kong based design entrepreneurs.


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爲了探討香港設計師的創業路線圖, 我們採用個案研究的方法, 就真實的創業個 案作深入的調查, 從而建立一套理論。我們通過搜集和整理資料, 挑選出一批自主創業的設計師, 於2009年9月至2010 年9月期間, 逐一與他們進行了細緻的訪談。我們根據以下六項條件來選取研究個案:

  1. 本地/外國;
  2. 框架中不同的類別;
  3. 設計範疇;
  4. 年資/所屬世代;
  5. 業務規模大小及
  6. 所需的行政時間。 

研究了首兩個個案後, 我們初步建立一個研究框架,擬定出一份研究及物件文檔搜集清單。其餘六個個案都是根據這份初 稿而寫成的。分析及撰寫完畢後, 我們舉辦了個案驗證工作坊,參與者都是設計師及商界人士。綜合了他們對個案的意見及談及的挑戰, 我們將個案製作成教材, 分析個案之間的共通性, 提出了設計界的創 業家的七種主要類型, 以求在多樣個案的基礎上建立一條邏輯性論據鏈 (Yin 1994)。 交互研究、課程開發及教學結合的策略可建立一套更佳的理論, 這三者的互動過程能幫助我們更好地理解香港設計師的創業路線。