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CUHK has a very respectable record of research on entrepreneurship. The Center will increase our focus on research in entrepreneurship in two areas: (1) the nature and effects of entrepreneurship and (2) the Chinese entrepreneurial heritage.

The Center's main research on contemporary entrepreneurship is conducted with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, an international collaborative research project, started in 1999, including over 40 countries, headquartered at the London School of Business, and dedicated to describing and analyzing entrepreneurial processes.

We coordinate with the Shenzhen Academy of Social Science and liaise with leading Chinese universities in the field of entrepreneurial research. We disseminate research results not only to researchers but also to entrepreneurs and those responsible for entrepreneurship policies in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and China.

Hong Kong has many entrepreneurs who made their fortunes making Hong Kong a great city. They constitute a glorious page in the history of China, yet their stories remain largely untold. The Center is making a virtual Hall of Entrepreneurship on its website. We have identified prominent older generation entrepreneurs and are posting our secondary research concerning their accomplishments. We hope to develop the Hall of Entrepreneurship into a physical facility for the University and the business community.